General Information

Born and raised in Maryland, Connor McCoy is one of your District 33 Republican candidates for State Delegate in this election. McCoy is the youngest candidate in the race. At age 22, he’s a college student at AACC and is working to achieve a computer science degree. McCoy has little to no political experience, but this isn’t deterring him from trying his hand at politics.

Why I'm running

McCoy has three major goals in his campaign. His first major goal is to look at the condition of your district’s (and the state’s) roads. Potholes, cracked pavement and uneven surfaces can make your daily commute unsafe and as your delegate, he would look at conversing with local county authorities to increase funding at the state level for repairs. Second, as a recent student of the Maryland education system, McCoy wants to address school safety and the drug problems that plague our schools. Several possible routes exist to improving school safety and as your delegate, McCoy would be willing to meet and debate over possible solutions and negotiate an agreement to satisfy all sides. The third issue of McCoy’s campaign is the Bay Bridge. As many Severna Park residents know, traffic is a major issue during the summer and rush hours. A long-term plan from McCoy would be to potentially build a new bridge to replace the two-lane bridge or search for other methods in the state, perhaps a tunnel further down the Bay.

Why you should vote for me

As your Delegate, McCoy would give the locals of District 33 a voice and gladly sponsor bills for residents of his district. He would also be more than happy to meet with district residents and engage in discussion. He looks forward to your support when it’s time to vote on June 26th!